Policy on Review Process


The review policy for the Journal of Sistem Komputer & Teknologi Intelegensi Artifisial (SIKOMTIA) is as follows:

  • Articles must use the templates provided on this website.

  • Articles must be original. Therefore, it is recommended that authors check their articles using the Turnitin Similarity application and aim for a result below 30% before submitting.

  • Authors must review the content of the article. If there are parts that include explanations using graphs, they should be easily readable, and the images must be of good quality (not blurry) and accompanied by proper source identification.

  • The decision of the editor-in-chief is final. If the article is not original or does not align with the focus and scope, we apologize, but we cannot proceed to the advanced review stage.

  • Each submitted paper will be reviewed by reviewers who specialize in the relevant field of study.

  • The review process follows the Double-Blind Review Method, ensuring that the reviewers are unaware of the authors' identities, and vice versa.

  • The review process considers aspects such as novelty, objectivity, methodology, scientific impact, conclusions, and references.

  • If there are revision requests for the article, authors must pay attention to the provided revision timeframe as indicated in the discussion column.

  • Reviewers are given a period of 2-3 weeks to review the article.